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This is my amazing cousin, Ashley’s blog. She is an inspiration to me and everyone who has had the chance to meet her. I cannot wait to see her continue to fulfill God’s plan for her in whatever lies ahead! Go read her blog!



So I thought that since this is my first OFFICIAL blog post (yay!) I would explain some things about myself, why this blog exists, and how I came to name it what I did..all the important stuff! So here we go…

Hello! My name is Ashley, and I am very pleased to meet you! I am a junior in high school, and life is busy.  I have two amazing parents, an older brother, younger sister, well kind of…here let me explain!  I am currently working as an in-home nanny, and I LOVE IT! I have known the family since I was two years old and I have become very very close with them since their little girl was born in 2005. For the family’s sake, I won’t share much details, but I will tell you that the 7 years since 2005 have not exactly been a walk in the…

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  1. I love you Lauren! Thanks for your kind words! I’m so blessed to know you and have you be my example and mentor! Cannot wait to see you again!

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